Friday, September 7, 2012

7 ways to jump-start a creative photography slump {awake new ideas within}

Are you in a photography slump? Do you feel uninspired? We have all been there. It is perfectly normal to go through a dry spell in creativity. Give yourself some grace where creativity is concerned, because it can't be forced, but there are ways to jump start your creativity. Here are 7 different simple ways to get your inspiration in full gear.

1. Vary your artistic interests.

Are you gifted in the kitchen? Throw a dinner party and invite creative people who inspire you. Have you been curious about a musical instrument? Take a lesson. Does painting move your heart and hands in perfect rhythm? Get out those paints and make art. Have you always wanted to take a pottery class but never had the time? Make time. Do something with your hands. Involve your mind. And let new creative measures run rampant.

2. Keep a pen and paper on you at all times.

I'm a firm believer in writing down ideas the minute they pop up. If you don't have a pen & paper then text yourself or text your significant other. I'm sure they'll understand your creative quirkiness. Creativity can present itself in the most ordinary ways and if you document what leads you it will make for better picture taking later. Remember that you are being led in a direction for a reason and if you have that reminder of creativity at your fingertips it will be easier for you to be inspired at a later date. Budding ideas will bloom simply by keeping a creativity journal as well. I've used this method over and over and it never fails.

3. Take a photo-walk

There are plenty of groups that take photo-walks. If you utilize Meetup, a social gathering website, you might find several in your area. However if you don't feel comfortable joining a group you can ask a friend to go on a photo walk with you.

4. Listen to your favorite music

Look at some of your old favorite cd or vinyl albums. Is there art that inspires? Now pop in the music to whatever source you use and describe the mood? Does a word or a line strike up an idea for photography? Does the song or the album beg you to go outside and take pictures of rays of sunlight? Follow your bliss! Music is very moving. It inspires, and washes clean the cobwebs of creativity-slump.

5. Don't look around blogs or Flickr

It is tempting to stalk cool photography blogs or facebook for ideas, but you want your images to have your voice and not another artist. To keep it fresh look up the classics. Check out the work of Brian Duffy, Jay Maisel, Annie Liebovitz, Jerry Uelsman, Robert Capa, Carol Guzy, Dorthea Lange, and of course Ansel Adams. All of these artists have contributed moving original pieces of art. Study their images and see if it creates a feeling in your own heart. And then capture it in a whole different way.

6. Photograph what you love.

Sometimes it is best not to plan. Just take pictures of what you love. Really it is that simple! I promise you. I've gotten out of photography slumps many a time just by taking pictures that I really want to take.

7. Learn a new technique. 

Sites like Paper Heart Camera are a fantastic resource to find the newest techniques in photography. It is a simple way to keep your photography fresh and fun. And it will also lead you into other areas of discovery.

I hope this helps in jump starting your creativity wings and if you just try of these easy tips you may find yourself spreading your wings and flying through new ideas for your own photography. Photography slumps can feel so sluggish. But when you put a fresh spin on a inspired idea you'll be amazed at how fast that slump evaporates in thin air.

Written by Alita of Alita Jewel Treasures


  1. This is a great, practical list! Having never {sigh} taken a photography class, I love the hints, tips an examples that are around me! As I was sitting at a soccer game last night trying to take night time action shots, I said to my husband...I REALLY should take a photography class! I love the photo walks...and have started doing that {thanks to you} more just soothes me and something always finds me! I love that notion that creating in any genre can inspire another genre...and I need to do so much better at writing the ideas down as they come {cause at my age...believe me...they fly out almost as soon as they fly in!!}

  2. I completely agree with it all. I have a very long list for things I want to check-mark off. Inspiration comes at the oddest of times & it's good to be able to at least make a note of it if one is not armed & ready with the camera at the time.

  3. Thank you for this list. Since starting my business, I feel that slump. I rarely get the camera out anymore and almost dread the editing hours...I felt like I needed to find that inspiration that made me love it so.

  4. Beautiful post! Thanks for the inspiration ;)

  5. these are great tips! Its so easy to get stuck in ruts sometimes! and hard to get out!

  6. Excellent.
    Especially about NOT looking at others' sites...
    it can be SO depressing to look at what others are doing
    when we feel like we aren't doing much of anything.
    When the creative muse overtakes us again,
    then it's okay to look.
    But still, no comparisons.

  7. Great tips! I'm not good at photographing but I love to be photograph :D

    Witha @


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