Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

Before and After:

Edit: ALL I did for this edit was to run the Florabella Afternoon action and adjust some of the settings. That's it! I just wanted to add a little lighting.

Photography love...
Link up your Touch Ups below! Linky's always close at 11:59 PM Wednesday evenings (Pacific time).


  1. The picture looks so much smooth, the action is perfect for pictures of child, beautiful.

  2. Aww. So very sweet.

  3. I love this edit, i love the pacifier she's using! haha i think that's cute! I don't see many kids using that kind of pacifier, unless i really just don't pay attention enough.

    Anyways, i LOVE florabella! Great job!

    In our sea of love

  4. Great processing, subtle can be good :) Thanks for hosting

  5. Love how it brightened it up just a bit- darling shot


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