Sunday, September 25, 2011

Show and Tell Photo Challenge: Self Portrait

Inspiration: Suggested prompt: Circle

Tell: The lighting from this round mirror is WONDERFUL. :D

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  1. LOVE your selfie Chelsey! That mirror is awsome.

    Just in case my pic doesn't link correctly, here it is...

  2. True. Beautiful lighting. Can I just say I'm envious - I struggle to find any pockets of half-way decent light in my home. I live in Japan, and the houses here are not really built to let lots of light in.

  3. The lighting is stunning. That is an amazing photo!

  4. It looks like an interesting place with the way the lighting turned out in the entire pic!

  5. Gorgeous! Both the picture and you!! :D

  6. You look great and the light from that mirror really makes the picture stand out!

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