Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Good Side

Hello my fellow photography gurus! Let us not grow weary of lack of inspiration! ...... That is what I have had to tell myself all week. I am a silent blog stalker, so I have noticed that most of you guys don't seem to lack in that area at the moment! YOU'RE AWESOME! But we all hit a plateau every once in a while. Nevertheless, I am here to talk about something entirely different. Let us talk about your good side

EVERYONE has one! It is either your left of your right side of the face. When having a picture taken, many forget about showing off their best features. It takes looking at yourself in the mirror and really "checking yourself out" until you find out which side of your face look the best. Weird how that is, but let me explain my "best side" and then maybe it will be easier for you to find yours if you have no clue what I am talking about. 

The left side of my face has two distinct but light moles. Like some moles, they flatter my face. My right side is bare. Bare as a baby's butt! Therefore, all kind of blemish that happens to show up for the day looks obvious. That side rarely EVER looks good in a photograph. "good side" is my left. I make a point to turn slightly to my right so that my left side is facing the camera whenever my picture is taken. Looking with your face directly at the camera is not ALWAYS a good position--kinda boring after a while. Therefore, finding your good side is important when SHOOTING people or when being shot (with a camera).

Here are a few funny and good sites to help along this line of finding your side:
Hope this helps some people who are either frustrated with not getting good shots of people who don't know their own good side or helps people who hate getting their picture taken! Ta ta for now!

- Shaunna

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  1. Very interesting...we all have one!

  2. I am so glad you posted this! I have a good side and it's my right side. Everyone thinks I'm crazy when I say that but it's true! I have the pictures to prove it :)

  3. haha! Totally agree. my Left is my better side because that's how my bangs fall.

  4. oh my gosh, wanna go to the bathroom for some mirror study time now! thanks for this! you know i've heard it before but never really felt inspired to understand or think of it about myself. um, light bulb moment for realz. kudos and heaps of gratitude. love your photo showcase too, it's rad! ♥


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