Monday, June 27, 2011

Tutorial: Sunny Haze Effect

To create this sunny haze effect, this is what I do:

1)  I select a new LEVELS LAYER by going to LAYER > NEW ADJUSTMENT LAYER > LEVELS...

click on image to enlarge for details.

2)  I adjust my image accordingly.

3)  I then add a gradient layer by going to LAYER > NEW FILL LAYER > GRADIENT...

click to enlarge for details.

I selected the second gradient option and selected an orangish/yellow color.

4)  I made sure that gradient layer was set to MULTIPLY. 

5)  Next I duplicated my main background layer.

6)  I sometimes like to give my images a lens flare by going to FILTER > RENDER > LENS FLARE. 
If I need to, I will go in and delete some of the flares that may be covering the face, etc.

7)  I then want to add the haze, so I go to LAYER > NEW FILL LAYER > SOLID COLOR...
I selected a simple white.
I adjusted the white and made sure to set it to SOFT LIGHT.
I adjusted the opacity and fill.

Of course after this you can go in a do the little extra detail editing, but this is how I get the simple sunny haze look in some of my photographs.

- Shaunna

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  1. Love this effect. I use it on a lot of my photos.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Does it work with Elements?

  3. Well for elements I am not sure, but if for lens flare then this link is helpful if you dont know how to add a lens flare:

    Ashley Sisk is the pro on Elements :-D

  4. thanks for the tip! I am not an expert, but I bet it would work in elements too, because I believe you can do all those steps.

  5. thanks for sharing! That is such a cool effect


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