Sunday, June 26, 2011

Show and Tell Challenge: Self Portrait Challenge!

Self Portrait Challenge! Suggested prompt: Soft.

Tell: This photo just feels soft to me. By the way... I swear I'm not naked in this photo. :D

You are welcome to link up to your blog post or a flickr photo. Please link back to Paper Heart Camera. Thank you!

Link up closes on Thursday's at 11:59 PM my time. :)

Once a month we will give you a one word (sometimes 2) inspiration/suggested prompt for a self portrait challenge. Have fun with this! This next months self challenge will be up on July 31st and the suggested challenge word is "Floor".


  1. That's a really pretty photo!

  2. Your image is so emotional. Beautiful editing.

    Becky Sue

  3. Okay...yeah, so lets just say I had a REALLY BAD TIME trying to link up this time, SOOOOO if you wanted to you could delete those faces of my dog... I was not trying to submit his shot in this challenge.... This was quit annoying. Connections fault no doubt!!! Grrrrr!


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