Monday, October 4, 2010

Show and Tell Photo Challenge: Contemplate your shot

I'd like to welcome you guys to the very relaxed photo challenge here at Paper Heart Camera: Show and Tell. Weekly I'll give you some inspiration... and it is up to you on how you'd like to interpret each inspiration. :) There are some rules (Ummm... I haven't posted them yet! Ha sorry! Just don't post dirty stuff. ;D). Just to keep the naughty people from being, well... naughty! 


Inspiration: Contemplate your shot. Again, inspired by the Simplicity photography class. I'd love for you to think about what you're shooting. Is the background too distracting? Where's your focus? Have fun! :)

I took this photo because I wanted to practice shooting with heavy shadow. Normally I am SO afraid of shadow when I take a photo. To set this shot up I opened up our kitchen window to get the maximum light. I set my camera to a custom white balance. I ran the apple under water for the water droplet look. I set the apple on our cutting board and snapped away.

You are welcome to link up to your blog post or a flickr photo. Please link back to Paper Heart Camera. Thank you!


Link up closes on Thursday, September 7th 11:59 PM my time. :) Come back Saturday to see if we share your photo as a favorite.


  1. stunning image Chelsey, ♥ing the contrast b/w the light & shadows, plus apples are my favorite... to photograph & eat, yummy!

  2. It came out great! I think my contemplation for the apple would be, should I eat it or take the photo first? haha

  3. Beautiful!! That came out great!


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