Monday, September 13, 2010

Touch-up Tuesday!

Hello! I'd LOVE to welcome all of you lovely Touch Up Tuesday people to Paper Heart Camera! I hope you enjoy this photography community. It's brand spankin' new! So, any input is very welcome. Thanks.... Now on to Touch Up Tuesday!

These two photos were taken indoor without any natural light. This is my cat Princess. ANY time we turn on the water in the bathroom she comes running in. It's almost impossible to keep her out of the sink!

1st Edit:
- For my first edit I took the SOOC photo and adjusted the Exposure to +.58 and the Offset to -.0098 and the Gamma to 1.0.
- Then, I ran my new action I created last week on it: Pacific NW Blend. I moved up the opacity of the brown fill layer... and made a couple other adjustments to taste.

2nd Edit:
- I took the SOOC photo and adjusted the Exposure to +.58 and the Offset to -.0098 and the Gamma to 1.0.
- Then I added a Black and white adjustment layer and adjusted the different colors to taste. Then set that layer to screen and lowered the opacity to 79%.
- I added one more adjustment layer: channel mixer and set it on the red filter preset. Set it to screen and lowered the opacity to 39%.

Let's see your edits!

Photography love...

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  1. I like your last edit. Great job. Thanks for hosting. :D

  2. Amazing edits! I love both, but that last one is so crisp and clear; I can imagine that's exactly the color of your kitty. Can't believe the HUGE change from the SOOC. Thanks so much for hosting; I can't wait to learn a ton! :-)

  3. The last edit is a little brighter version of her actual color! :) It's my fave too.

  4. The second one gets my vote! :) Especially the one on the right with her tongue. :D

    My kitty used to do that, too. Not as much anymore, since he's getting old and fat. ;)

    Thanks for hosting! :)

  5. I am just wondering, what do you use for your edits? Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom? I would love to start learning how to edit my photos.


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