Friday, September 14, 2012

how to shoot three kids

I have TONS of pictures of my kids. I literally have hundreds (dare I say thousands?) of Charlie. But I have VERY few pictures of all three of my kids together. Which makes me sad when I have a fabulous deal on a canvas I want to order. (Which I do). So this week I dragged them all down to the beach near our house for a photo shoot.

It didn't really work. Mostly because Charlie was being a butt.

Then I came home, and asked my blog friends: How do you shoot "canvas worthy" photos?

Here are the responses I got:

Adrienne said...
Go candid? Or get a friend to shoot them....mine were often better behaved for people they didn't call mom!!

Faith said...
I don't have any tips for getting all three to cooperate - it's HARD!! My tip is this: when you take the picture make sure to leave plenty of negative space around the edges of your composition. If you frame your shot too tight you won't have room for the wrap.

Sandra Kohlmann said...
I can't even get two to look in the same direction and smile at the same time, let alone three. I have found only one photographer who can get great shots of my girls, so I rely on her.

Tara said...
that second is totally canvas worthy! :) I love not perfect photos! Its such a true struggle of families while taking pictures! :)

Mary said...
It looks like the 2 oldest children were willing to have thier photo taken by you. I would bribe Charlie. Yup bribe him!

I ended up relying on Lightroom presets to make an otherwise basic photo a little more "canvas worthy". I think the editing makes it look a little more timeless. I mean it's not perfect, but it'll do. What do you think?


  1. ha! i literally chuckled outloud at your statement ... "because Charlie was being a butt." i know its not funny at the time, but isn't that just the way our kids are? ha ha Absolutely love your canvas worthy shot on the tracks, but i have to say, the second one is absolutely great!!

    1. He WAS being a butt! and now he loves to say "butt" and I suppose I can't blame anyone but myself. Ooops.

  2. Ha ha. So funny. I actually really love the first and third ones.

    1. I do love them too...but they seem more snapshot-ish and not canvas-worthy. Although now I'm second guessing myself and kind of wishing I'd ordered the 3rd one instead of the train tracks one.

  3. Lovely! The black and white really added some "drama" to the photo!

  4. I take shots in places with little distraction. If the background is beautiful, it usually won't matter if everyone is looking into the camera at the same time. I prefer non planned photos, a raw natural look. And I love the cloning tool for helping get rid of distractions. I think you did a great job in editing to get it "canvas worthy" :)

  5. Lovely lovely shots, my favourite is the last one :)


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