Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Facebook Timeline Cover Freebies!

Just a little Fall happy for you all today!

I hope you enjoy it! 
Let me know if you use it. 
click to download psd file.

click to download psd file
this text is customizable! 

To personalize in photoshop drag and drop your photos above the photo layer. Then "ctrl alt g" if the photo does not insert into the circle. Then "crtl t" to resize to fit! 

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  1. Those Facebook timeline covers are super cute!

  2. oh, lovely! I'm sure my work laptop will cause all kind of issue if I download here, but will try from home!

  3. That's a great timeline cover!

  4. I'm quite the novice, so I managed to insert 2 pics (no clue how!), and now I am stuck.. by any chance you have a tutorial?


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