Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Adding Texture to Your Photos

Adding textures to your photos is a fun way to either spruce up or add drama and character to your already amazing photos. You can make them into works of art and it's really quite simple to do! 
 Photobucket I use photoshop to edit my photos, so once I am done with my edit I then add my texture. Kim Klassen is an amazing place to get textures. And MCP Actions has a free add texture action on her blog page. It makes it easy and simple!
 Photobucket Once you've added the texture of your liking, I like to mess around with the layer option, i.e. multiply or soft light and opacity.
Photobucket And there you go, a vintage look to a fun picture! Super easy!
Photobucket When you add texture to photos with faces and people, I like to use a soft brush or eraser to erase some of the texture off the subject. That way it your subject stands out and doesn't have any weird lines or colors on them.
 Photobucket Photobucket And sometimes, just keeping it simple makes all the difference. You don't always have to make it dramatic to give it the right look.

Have any texture tips? Please share them!! :)



  1. I love textures, they always add that little something..

  2. I love these gorgeous images. I don't use textures very often, but I really should try them. Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Does this mean that if you have Lightroom, you are on your own? :(


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