Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday

Edit: This photo was for a Vintage Pinned Hair tutorial I did on my blog. I used the Florabella Vintage Summer action.... with some adjustments. BUT, I know some of you may not use actions... So, I thought I'd give you a couple tips how to give a vintage look to your photo!

- Putting a vignette around the edge of the photo... and, adding a spotlight to the center. 
- Play with a Contrast layer... High contrast adds a vintage feel. Working with the different colors in a Curves level will also do this.
- Work with a hue/saturation layer (with colorize checked) and adjust the levels until it gives a sepia tone. You can adjust the opacity to taste.
- Depending what tone you'd like... ad a Solid Color layer and set it to "screen" and adjust the opacity to taste. My image has a bright pink Solid Color layer. 
- Play with a Color Balance layer. You can add yellow and orangy colors to give a sunshine feel. Adjust opacity. 
- For a hazy feel... add a Levels layer and adjust until the image looks "foggy". Adjust opacity to taste.

I hope those tips will help you create a vintage photo! Have fun!

Photography love...
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  1. Love the curls and vintage touch up!

  2. Aww..I love that! Great touch up. And I'm dying to get a bright lipstick like yours.

  3. I LOVE Florabella Actions! Great edit =)

  4. So interesting to see what can be done to photographs.

  5. Eeekkk!!! OK, favorite post EVER! I LOVE learning what goes on behind the scenes of actions. Your steps are AWESOME. PLEASE do more. :-) I just edited one of my state fair pics according to your directions....UM, genius! Seriously...thanks! ♥

  6. I totally love this! Fantastic job!

    Have a nice day!

  7. It was a nice photo to begin with; the vintage touch up looks great :) (I'm a new follower from Mother Baby Child Blog - thanks for stopping by :)

  8. I really like the straight from the camera shot! The vintage feel is very cool though :D

  9. I love the photo... cool edits. Gives it that old fashioned feel.

    My favorite look for oldschool photos is definitely the vignetting! Great tips :)

  10. gorgeous photo and edit. thanks for the tutorial


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