Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday: Bubbles

SOOC and After:

Edit: So, I know I talk about my love for the Florabella actions A LOT... BUT, I do love them. And, if you use actions a lot in your editing... you'll understand that finding that perfect/favorite recipe of actions blends is the best! I've been playing around with this blend from Florabella: First Sharpen/Defog, Center Fill-Light (opacity lowered to 25%), Soft Sunshine, Afternoon, and then Sheer haze (opacity lowered to 30%). One of my fave blends!

Photography love...
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  1. I know it's gonna sound like I'm bashing this photo - I promise, it's as sincere as... something really sincere!

    What's the trick to having a soft & pastel photo, WITHOUT the contrast / brightness overload? If I'm taking a portrait, I want every feature of the face - not just the eyes & lips. This is pretty difficult to achieve with dreamy photos.

    Any idears?

  2. love your choice of processing! does Rauri ever take a bad picture ;)

  3. I love Florabella actions too! Love this and thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog!

  4. Florabella are my favorite too! That sharpen/defog is one I use on almost every picture. And your photo is great--I can never get a good bubble shot!


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