Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday: Blending


Edit: Oh, blending. One of my fave things to do. I have shared my blended photos with you guys MANY times! Click here to see our previous blending posts for more tips on how to create them. It's a SUPER simple technique. Just takes a little patience and an eraser tool/clone tool in photoshop.

For the above blended image I dragged and dropped the first photo over the second photo. I lowered the first photos opacity to 50% (so I could see the image behind to see where I need to erase). And, I erased (make sure the Eraser tool is set to a soft erase). The hard parts are always where there are little strands of hair.... For this I lower my eraser tool to 50% and erased lightly over the hair... this way you can see the image behind... AND, still see the hair from the other image.

Photography love...
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  1. Thats frigging coool.. I wish I could do THAT...

  2. i love it! looks natural and tedious! <3

  3. This is too cool. Reason #683 why I need to learn how to us Photoshop.


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