Monday, August 29, 2011

to action or not to action

I can't believe summer is already over!!! It completely flew by! I've been needing to post for quite a while…I was debating on what my topic would be when I stumbled upon the premier of The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. I love her blog and was so excited to see her show…very fun…definitely recommend it!

So, from there I decided my post would be on using actions.
I'm always at odds with whether to use them or not. Sometimes I feel like a good photo should come out of the camera…your choices should be made then and there and very little editing should be done or needed. But then there are times where you are just looking for a certain mood in your photo and editing can do just that. And sometimes you are just looking to have some fun with your photos. I don't use actions very often but when I do I usually use The Pioneer Woman's actions. I really like them. They are well done and have lots of options for tweaking them to make them more your own.

Ultimately, if you don't spend a lot of time with a program like Photoshop (unlike myself) you will find actions to be a wonderful aid. Layer masks and adjustment layers are fun and all but a well made action will navigate all of that for you with ease. So try them out…play around with them…find a few favorites and use them when you need them.

Wildflower, Imogene Pass, Colorado  •  SOOC  •  f/10, 1/1600, ISO 800

Top row from left to right: The Pioneer Woman's Colorized; B&W Beauty; Fresh & Colorful; Heartland; Sepia Tone
Bottom row from left to right: The Pioneer Woman's Lovely & Ethereal; Seventies; Sunshine; Soft & Faded; Vintage

After running all of these actions on this photo, I have to say that her Old West action turned out to be my favorite. I love the depth it added to the photo...and somehow it makes these tiny little flowers seem even more delicate.

Wildflower, Imogene Pass, Colorado  •  The Pioneer Woman's Old West

Moral of the story…have fun editing your photos. Learn your style…some photographers are amazing at SOOC and some are amazing editors. Have fun…play around…and ultimately, make them your own. 



  1. Fabulous the edit!

  2. I can't find the Old West action. And I NEED it! Do you know which "set" it is in? (I have sets 1 and 2 for elements), at least I think I do!

  3. I am still trying out actions. Still rather new to photoshop myself. Great advice! Lovely picture.

  4. The whole editing thing is completely new to me, but I have loved looking around at seeing what people do with their photos. I think it is definitely something that i should investigate more. So interesting! I love your 'Old west' photo

  5. Glad you all are enjoying the post!

    Rachel: The Old West action is in her updated set 1...check out this link:

  6. Well I have to say, they are all beautiful, but I think your SOOC is fabulous!

    I go around and around with this too!! Actions are so fun though.


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