Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday: Eye pop

SOOC and After:

Edit: For this edit I really wanted to make Ruari's eyes pop! First I adjusted the contrast/brightness... etc. and cleaned up the shadows using my clone tool (I also removed that little bit of pacifier and the crusty under her nose).

Next I ran my Florabella Sharpen/Defog action. Flattened... and ran that same action a second time! But, this time I erased the sharpen/defog over everything BUT her eyes, just for a little extra pop. Then, I ran my Florabella Afternoon action (that gave it the golden glow). And lastly, I ran the Florabella Sheer Haze action. I lowered the Sheer Haze layers opacity to 25% and erased the layer just over her eyes... for just a teeny bit more pop. :) AND, that's it!

Photography love...
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  1. My entry went in twice for some reason... if you could delete the first one... (#2 on the list) that would be great... thanx dearie!

  2. Beautiful edit, Chelsey! Her eyes are gorgeous!

  3. Love it - those eyes really are electrifying!

  4. Ur pictures always turn out so beautiful... What editing program do u use?

  5. Oh golly! I love that edit!!! LOVE it!

  6. Beautiful picture and great edit. Thanks for the detailed step by step. So helpful :)

  7. You have amazing photo editing skills! :)

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