Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Touch Up Tuesday: Gum wall.



Edit: I was up in Seattle this last weekend and my friends and I wandered to the gum wall down by the market. It's gross... but, it makes for cool photos. :D My edit: I brightened... sharpened... adjusted noise! That's it! VERY simple edit this week!

Photography love...
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  1. I have been a wonderful composition with excellent texture and beautiful color and light. Lovely.

  2. Thank you for hosting. I’m a follower, and this hop is found on a page on my site that lists more than 250 hops, memes, and photo challenges… some for each day of the week. Check under the header for the link to that page. I’ve also just started a BlogFrog community that focuses on hops, carnivals, memes, and photo challenges. Go to http://theblogfrog.com/1504201 to visit & participate.
    I hope you’ll visit me soon. I follow back!

  3. That is definitely a fun photo, despite the grossness. :)

  4. Hi Chelsey, I wanted to link up this week but it's not accepting my flickr link.... If you'd like to add it for me, I'd really appreciate it! http://www.flickr.com/photos/36272417@N06/5808550584/

    Love the gum wall! There's one pretty similar at Hoover Dam. Very cool!

  5. How cool!! Looks like an interesting place to see. LOL

  6. Gross alright but looks wonderful.

  7. OMG!!! I'm so sorry I posted so many entries! The linky didn't work, and it looked like I couldn't like up but it seems like it actually worked.
    I'm really sorry about that! Feel free to delete them!

  8. The gum wall is so gross, but very cool picture!

  9. I LOVE the gum wall!! It’s amazing how that has become such a tourist destination hahaha.


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