Sunday, May 8, 2011

Show and Tell Challenge: Umbrella

Inspiration: Umbrella


Tell: I've been wanting to try a photo like this for some time. I'll need to try this again in the summer out in the city. Not much room with my 50mm in my backyard. :)

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Once a month we will give you a one word (sometimes 2) inspiration for a self portrait challenge. Have fun with this! This next months self challenge will be up on May 29th and the challenge word is "Number".


  1. Chelsey, this is super cute. Very "mary poppins!"

  2. Haha,interesting... wish the shadows were more prominent

  3. Oh this is fun! Great idea!
    hmmm umbrella.... I don't own one. Maybe I'll buy a cute red polka dot umbrella just for the photos. It rarely rains here and if it does, it lasts 30 minutes max, so I never had a need for an umbrella.


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