Monday, March 14, 2011

Experimenting with FLASH on a point and shoot

Sometimes using your DSLR is just not practical. You need the convenience of your point and shoot and lately I've been needing a LOT of convenience. After a week of using my Canon Powershot, I'm getting sick of how stark the flash is. I had experimented previously this week with a paper towel taped over the flash and thought how I didn't want to stop there. If you want to see how that went, go here

So here's my experiment shots. (All shots have very little editing. Just a slight boost and sharpening.)

No filter. I hate this look.

Un-bleached coffee filter. My favorite filter so far.

Green t-shirt filter.

Brown t-shirt filter.

This was actually really fun and I recommend experimenting with whatever you can! You don't have to be limited just because you're using a point and shoot camera! 

-Jess from


  1. I love this experiment. I NEVER use my flash... cause I hate it. But, sometimes I need to use it! Maybe I'll keep a coffee filter in my camera bag? :D

  2. I had paper taped over mine (to diffuse) for the longest time... then I started smelling burnt plastic. You have to be sure to let it breath some. Oops.
    I like the coffee filter. Great tones.

  3. I never thought of covering the flash on the point & shoot. I have not used my flash since I upgraded past the point & shoot. Love using natural light.

  4. this is awesome! I only have a point and shoot and struggle with taking indoor pictures because I hate the flash. thanks for sharing!

  5. Great job on this post. A very creative way to make the most out of a point and shoot.


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