Thursday, March 10, 2011

Change your prospective

I found that being new to photography I have questioned what my "style" of photo taking is and late at night as Pandora plays I find myself lost in flickr. Amazed at the amount of talent and inspiration there is. I click on that "favorite" star more and more on each photo that moves me in ways that can only stir my soul and as I look back into my favorite folder I found that "Style" I prefer.


So if you have ever questioned what you think your photos should be like or what makes you, you.


Step back and look at what makes your favorites list and ask why and then all you need to do is change your prospective and allow that creativity to seep through.

So for some great "prospective" I will share some wonderful photos I found on flickr as well as mine to give you an idea that not all photos need to have rules or guidelines they just need to be something that makes you, you. Something that will later on stir your soul and reach the depths of your artistic abilities.

*Click on each photo to see more from that photographer.

Toddler Toes:



Long Jacket:

Knee HighsBlueWoody and TatumUntitled



And now for a few of mine...

The Daily Wyatt

"Don't cry over spilt kool-aid"I wish youmake a wish19/365

Ice waterpianoHubbys watch collectionWish

Now I am not saying that I am as near as good as those others yet but I just wanted to share some inspiration so we can look beyond the "normal" way of looking at things and seeing the beauty in a different prospective.

So this week I would love for everyone to post some pictures with a "different prospective" into the PAPERHEART CAMERA FLICKR GROUP and I will share some of the great ones on here.

I hope we can find that little something that stirs that creativity this week!





  Audrey @ The Daily Wyatt


  1. That water is awesome! I played with water a little yesterday for my Macro Friday (tomorrow) and mine is nowhere near that beautiful. I love your photos.

  2. Beautiful shots you have featured. I should do that...mark the ones that touch my soul. Maybe then I'd have a more clear idea of the perspectives that speak the most to me.

  3. Love the shots you have featured!! I love the break the rules myself! That is what makes us creative!! ;) Thank you for sharing this inspiring post! :)

  4. Great post - I always need a reminder to change up the perspective. Of course, I rarely photograph people, but I need this reminder!

  5. Love the pics. And it certainly doesn't hurt that you have a gorgeous model on had if you need one! :)

    I really LOVE the dandelion pic. I would seriously buy that from you to print and put in my house.

  6. I'd say your photos are just as lovely as theirs! What a great inspiring post.

  7. LOVE all of those photos. you have quite the talent, miss

    Enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap!

  8. I love the examples that you posted--now I must run off to flickr in search of my muse!

  9. great perspective shots you posted! loved all of them! what a great reminder...especially when photographing kids...getting down on their level can make such a difference in a photo!


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