Sunday, January 9, 2011

Show and Tell: Resolutions

Inspiration: Resolutions


Tell: My resolution is to take better care of myself. Not just this year.. but, from now on. It seems as though since I had my baby I've stopped caring about what I'm wearing/look like... well... deep down I care... but, it's just hard. You know? So, I will take better care of myself. I will walk more. Exercise more. Wear other clothes besides just pajamas. I'm out of shape. I want to be in shape! I'm jumping in slowly... I walked today! {ahem} but, I was in my pj's... one step at a time. :D

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  1. I can relate to your post. It's not easy being a Mommy and taking care of yourself along with your family. It's a must though...Very important to make yourself a priority!

  2. Chelsey, I am sooo with ya girl. its been 2 years (since Wyatts two) that I have done the non showering pj combination. Its about time my husband gets his wife back!

  3. I've been there Chelsey too. In the early years we spend so much time making sure our wee munchkins look so good that we forget about ourselves. You've made a start by realising that it's time for Chelsey time aswell. :)

    Rosie, leavesnbloom photography

  4. I think that everyone can relate.. I can thats for sure!

  5. That's a great one! It's so tough to put Mommy ahead of the babes.

  6. So agree! If mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy! ;)


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