Saturday, January 29, 2011

A little inspiration from our Flickr and 365 groups!

Hi there from Christina. This is my first post as a contributor to Paper Heart Camera. I was trying to decide what I would write about for this first entry and decided to go dig through our Flickr and 365 groups. Found some amazing shots there! Seriously, some really beautiful work!!! I decided to go choose some of my favorite landscape/nature/macro shots, since those are often my focus in photography. Here are some of my faves in no particular order! Enjoy!
Why I chose it: I love the stark simplicity of this; the tight focus; the tiny details; fabulous

{The Daily Wyatt}
Why I chose it: Wow! Beautiful color; amazing focus;
and some great processing...check out that bokeh layer

365 {25}
Why I chose it: This is just ahhhhhhhh! The obviously fabulous capture of the rainbow;
the composition; color; the sunlight on the tree. I love this!

Rainy Days
Why I chose it: this says something to me; kind of forlorn, sad, abandoned; the monotone color scheme; the details in the water droplets, almost look like tears

Day 67
{allie photography}

Why I chose it: the detail in this just grabs you; the sunlight; the green green grass;
the little drops of dew; something about it just makes me happy! 

{Little Red Shed}
{♥AG Photography{Amarie}♥}
Why I chose it: This is lovely! The simple color of it...just highlighting the red shed;
the softly falling snow; I just want to be sitting looking out of a window at that scene

Looking forward to writing more posts over here at Paper Heart! It's so great to be in a community with so many talented photographers! You all do such amazing work and there's a ton of inspiration to be found just digging through our flickr groups! Check them out!

Here's my most recent entry over on our flickr group:
photographie de christina m hammock (formerly cmh photography)
 {cmh photography}


  1. Christina, thank you, so honored to be chosen! Looking forward to more of your posts :-).

  2. Thanks so much for liking my photo! It one of my many favorites!


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