Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Touch Up Tuesday: Rosy cheeks and red hair.


First edit:

My first edit: for my first edit I adjusted the levels to brighten the photo. Then, I ran the Clean action from AMP... (which I totally love) and I also sharpened things up a bit. Oh yes: I ran it through noiseware as well.

Final edit:

Final edit: For Christmas day I wanted to have a little Merry Christmas card post for my Paper Mama blog. So, I threw this together on Christmas eve. To add the red hair I added a new blank layer over the photo. I used the paintbrush tool (with a red color checked) and painted over her hair. I set that layer to Overlay and adjusted the opacity to my taste. For the rosy cheeks and red nose I added another new layer over the photo and used my red paintbrush again to paint red spots over the cheeks and nose. I adjust the opacity to my taste and I was done.

Photography love...
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  1. Your edits are delicious. I love how you thought of taking a perfect little girl and adding some adorable touches.

  2. So so sweet. I love her with the red hair!
    Thanks for the info; off to check out that Clean action.

  3. She's a doll. All bundled and ready to play outside.

  4. She's such a cutie! Love your first "clean" edit. And wow, that fun edit - the red hair is just perfect with her eyes!

  5. You've got the most awesome edits ever! Love them.... oh and Ruari is just as adorable as always! :)

  6. She is just so DARN CUTE Chelsey! and I love the edit!

  7. Adorable! Great tips with the paintbrush tool. :)

  8. I love the final Christmas edit. It's so joyful and festive!


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