Sunday, December 19, 2010

Show and Tell: Bokeh

Hello! I've REALLY been seeing a ton of beautiful bokeh shots out there recently! It must be because of all that pretty holiday decor that's up right now! Well, if you don't know what OR how to shoot bokeh... I VERY much recommend checking out this great Christmas Tree Bokeh How-To by Karli over at the Bonnie 5! So helpful.


Tell: This is one of my favorite bokeh shots. We were at a little wine shop in Bellingham, WA... I was sipping my wine and noticed how much the light sparkled off the wine bottles in the background. The rest is history. ;D

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  1. I really really love that picture.

  2. That photo is amazing! Totally breath-taking, jaw-dropping, gorgeous!

    I'm in love with it!


  3. Haha I was looking at this photo and my nephew came around the corner and said "that's beautiful auntie, look it's for you!" How adorable! This kid knows a good shot when he sees it! Good job lady!

  4. Oh, this is beautiful. It's such a comfort picture! :)

    This was my first time linking up to your challenge, and I tried using your button but for some reason it kept coming up as the code, not the image. :( Is anyone else having this problem or is it an issue with my template?

  5. Beautiful photo. It just makes me feel calm. Plus, I love wine!

  6. I really love this photo. Gorgeous!

  7. While I'm not a whine fan (oops! or a wine one either!) - I love the colors and the bokeh in this! Make mine a grape juice and I'll join in! :)

  8. I love this SO MUCH. It belongs on a wall in a winery. : )


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