Friday, December 10, 2010

Duplicate Layers and Blending Modes...a Mini PSE Tutorial

Have you played with blending modes before?  They are such an easy way to give a photo a little more "ooomph".  I know, you totally want to know how to do it, huh?
It's easy peasy:

open your image in Photoshop Elements Editor.
ctrl J to create a duplicate layer.
change the blending mode to your choosing (it's the little box that says "normal" right above your list of layers)
play around with it
you can create more than one duplicate layer and change the blending modes on each one
you can also adjust the opacity on each layer for a different look
you can drag the layers, to change their order, which can also change the effect
you can spend hours and hours playing with blending modes!
(not that I ever would, of course, that would be crazy)

here are some examples of different blending modes on the same (adorable) baby Charlie:


Soft Light @ 100%

Overlay @ 100%

2 Soft Light layers @ 100%
and 1 Screen layer at 50%

Overlay at 100%
and Linear Dodge @ 65%

which is your favorite?
I really love the soft light blending mode...I tend to use it a lot, just to boost the contrast a bit, you know? 

Have fun playing with blending modes,
the possibilities are truly endless,
like, for real!

and then, she {snapped}


  1. I recently really discovered these layers and I'm loving playing with them. Thanks for the reminders that I don't have to stop with just one and I can layer more on top of each other!

  2. I love blending modes! I pretty much always use a Soft Light blend on a duplicate photo. :D


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