Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Touch Up Tuesday: Taking photos in VERY dim light.

Hello! I'd LOVE to welcome all of you lovely people to the 10th Touch Up Tuesday at Paper Heart Camera!




My edit: My friend had her little baby last week. We went to visit her shortly after... and, OF COURSE, I wanted to take some photos of her little babe. It was night time, indoor, with poor lighting. I don't like using my flash (and, I'm sure mister baby wouldn't like it either). SO, I raised my ISO to the highest, lowered the shutter speed... etc.

That helped a bit. But, the photos were still pretty dark SOOC. I adjusted the levels and curves to brighten things up a bit. Then, I ran Noiseware to take care of all the noise in the photo. And, that's it!

Photography love...

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  1. That is a great touch up...so sweet!

  2. Love the edit of this adorable baby. Gave the photo beautiful light. ♥

  3. Oh, what a precious new baby! Great edit!

  4. So cute! Good levels adjustment


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