Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Touch Up Tuesday: Sparkly

Hello! I'd LOVE to welcome all of you lovely people to the 10th Touch Up Tuesday at Paper Heart Camera!



Texture I used:


My edit: So, sometimes when it's late at night and I haven't taken my photo for my 365 days of photos... I'll just randomly shoot something. This time it was my blurry lamp I took a photo of. I did some basic edits and took care of some noise. Added the bokeh texture from I Heart Faces and lowered the opacity a bit. And, there we go!

Someone had mentioned that my After photo would be a cool texture, so your all free to use it! Just right click on the photo and click "view image". Then, right click again and "save". Just one thing: This texture is for personal use only. No commercial use please. Thanks!

Photography love...

Link up your Touch Ups below! Linky's always close at 11:59 PM Wednesday evenings (Pacific time).


  1. I love sparkly. There's something so festive about it.

  2. I love the second one but I am also a sucker for sooc!

  3. Wow, your edit is so cute. I would have never thought doing all of that.

  4. Oooo, love this. Isn't it so gratifying to take those late night experiments and get something like this out of it?? It's one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for hosting!

  5. Thanks for letting us use this, I used on the clanders I make for the family as the background for december. Fitted so well.

  6. This is a beautiful texture/shot/pic :)

    Thanks for sharing. I love the soft/bright colors!

  7. I used your texture on one of my pics: Hope you like it! :)



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