Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Strange Sighting - Elephantie

As a mom to 2 young boys, I find toys and objects in the strangest places and positions weekly, if not daily. I love these discoveries because it doesn't matter what kind of mood I'm in -- tired, frustrated, bored, sad -- I can't help but giggle at the sight of these weird arrangements.

I don't usually think to grab a camera to record the moment but today was a different day. This morning I found Elephantie (my 4-year-old's favourite stuffed toy) feasting on a pot of fried egg out on the deck table. It made me laugh out loud and so I grabbed my Nikon, snapped a couple of quick shots and posted this photo on my personal site (the secret one that I keep for my husband and the grandmas and grandpa).

My husband thought the photo was hilarious and loved being able to share in the discovery hours after it happened. So why not, I asked myself. Why not make these strange sightings a regular part of my online family album? I love seeing my boys' faces in photographs but this image tells me more about my 4-year-old than many photos I have of him.

Do you live in the same wacky world of parenthood? Or, is your world just plain wacky? What strange sightings have you discovered in and around your home? Feel free to share a link to your image(s) in the comments section or via the Paper Heart Camera Flickr group.


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  1. That is totally awesome!! :D

    I never think to capture the strange sightings that happen around here. Maybe now I'll think of it. ;)


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