Saturday, October 30, 2010

Show and Tell Fave's: A view from above

{Life... As I see it}
And, then she snapped
Captivus Living
A Sorta Fairytale
Hot Coffee Mama
Wow, looks like I went for all people themed photos! They were all so great!

Thanks so much for playing! The next Show and Tell challenge will be up on Sunday: Self portrait time! The theme for this self portrait is Mood. What mood is your self portrait conveying?

Photography love...

Just a note:
Once a month we will give you a one word (sometimes 2) inspiration for a self portrait challenge. Have fun with this! The self challenge will be judged by a guest judge. This months self challenge will be up on November 28th. The challenge word is "Comfort".

Have you guys seen our Contributors page? Give it a look! :D


  1. These are awesome. I especially like Hot Coffee Mama's because it shows the depth of the shot so well from that perspective. ♥

  2. What gorgeous photos! So inspiring--I better get to practicing. :)

  3. That last shot is so fantastic.

    A little hand reaching out is a really tugs on the heart strings.

  4. These shots are just fantastic!!

  5. Thanks for picking my photo and thanks for the lovely comments, I almost didn't enter this one but I'm glad I did!

  6. I was featured and didn't even know it!! Cool. This has made my day. No. It has made my week :)


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