Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Freebie: Paper Mama "Brighten Me" action

The Paper Mama Brighten Me  action. This action has been working really well on natural light photos. The photos of Ruari below were all edited using this action. And, after I run the Brighten Me action... I run the Sharpen action. It's included in this download.

The photos of Ruari below were all run with the Brighten me action on the SOOC image. Then, I ran the Sharpen action. I did not adjust any layers for these photos.

This is one of the before photos: SOOC:

For this photo I turned off the "Exposure" layer and tuned on the "Levels" layer. Then I ran the Sharpen action:

Brighten me action info:
- You may or may not want to adjust your photos exposure before you run the action. Try both ways! See what works best.
- Every layer is available to be changed. I recommend playing with each layers opacity and fill until you get the desired effect for your photo. I think actions should be used as a base, then add your own touch to each photo!
- There will be a folder inside the Brighten Me folder once the action has run through. Here you can decide if you like the way "Exposure" looks... or turn that off and try the "Levels" layer. Or, you can try both and adjust opacity as needed. For me I've found that the "Levels" on and "Exposure" off  works best with photos that have a lot of shadow.
- A "Sharpen" action is also included in this download. I like to run this after I run the Brighten Me action. Adjust the opacity of the Sharpen action if it's too sharp.
- If you use this action, please let me know! I'd love to see it! Share your blog or Flickr link to the photo the action was used on in the comments below. Or, join the Paper Heart Camera Flickr group and share it there. Thanks!
- Play around, have fun!

You can download the Paper Mama's Brighten Me action here!


  1. Thank you for posting this action! I love it. I've used it on some dull outdoor shade shots, perfect pop w/o making the skin orange. So far I've hid the levels layer and and put exposure at about 50-70%.

    I will be trying it on some indoor shots (similar lighting to your shots here) and will let you know. Eventually I'll get 'em posted on flickr.

  2. i am so bummed, i love all your actions and really want to use them but whenever i click on them to download it, it says that the link appears to be broken? i dont know if it is my computer, connection or what? I think i heard you say that they don't work with elements anyhow huh? i will keep trying

  3. I have elements 6, and it *does* work, although quite possibly not exactly the way that it's supposed to work. I have to click through a lot of error screens before it will run. But in the end it does run and I have done some really nice things with the action.

  4. I can’t wait to download this and try it out…thanks for posting!

  5. Just downloaded your actions and thought I'd let you know that they work in PSE7 so long as they are installed in the right place and worked through the 'guided action player' :D Brilliant ~ thanks.
    Check out my blog (FIF#72) to see me using two of them!

  6. these photos are just adorable :')
    Olivia x

  7. I am going to try to upload it and use it in PSE8

  8. Thank you so much for the wonderful actions!!

  9. Love this!!! Thanks so much for sharing :) I also added your friend "Berries N Cream" action and cannot wait to use it!

  10. oh Rauri is just a doll!!!!! I LOVE these pics of her!


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